YMMV / Kikoskia

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In a LP of a Barbie adventure game, he alternates between portraying her as a servant of an Eldritch Abomination and a Lovecraftian being herself.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Has encountered a few of these throughout his Let's Plays, although the most memorable have to be his pre-cutscene killing of Anna Navarre and his execution of Gunther Hermann.
  • Awesome Moments: He has quite a few. Including detonating Herman Gunther at the exact moment he said "I regret...". In a cutscene
    • Kiko capturing the mastermind who eluded him on his previous case in Covert Action. You can hear the fist pump.
    • In Final Doom: Evilution, his playthrough of stage 30. The opening of the video basically goes "Let's go die repeatedly to this obnoxious puzzle." He only does once, and that was after blindly navigating to the far side of the teleporter maze and skipping most of the platforms in the proper solution to the maze.
      Kikoskia: I'm just shaking my head now... How did tha- never mind, here's what happens when you mess it up.
    • When he started his Hardcore Minecraft, he spawned on a tiny island far from land with only a lone tree and seeds to live off of. 60 parts later he has a Nether Portal, cow farm, miniature castle, populated village and Enchanting Table. All on his tiny isolated island. Considering how great the odds against his survival were at first, this is a great accomplishment. And then the creepers who went through the unsecured nether portal on the beach said hi...