Funny / Kenny vs. Spenny

Season 1

  • When mocking Spencer in "Who Can Be A Better Parent?", Kenny knocks on his baby doll's head to show that it's just plastic... and causes it to start crying. Made better with Spencer's reaction.
    Spencer: Don't listen to Kenny Jr. Or Kenny Sr. Don't listen to any Kennys.
    • Really, all of Kenny's antics in that episode are hilarious, from stuffing his doll in a laundry hamper, to launching it off a seesaw, to sending it bungee jumping.
    Kenny: Do I need to remind everyone that this is a doll?
  • In "First One To Use Their Arms Loses", we get Alan and his glorious Evil Laugh.

Season 2

  • In "Who Can Stay Naked The Longest?", Spenny has an awesome freakout when he sees Kenny wearing a huge wig in front of his crotch.
    • There was also Kenny's complaints about Spenny wearing a watch, which leads to him wearing a giant watch as a belt and refusing to take it off until Spenny removes his watch. Although that turned out to be part of Kenny's master plan for the episode.
  • In "Who Has The Biggest Balls?", Kenny scares Spenny by winding up for a huge punch in the arm-bruising challenge... and winds up hurting his own arm.
  • In "First One To Talk Loses?", Spencer walks in on Kenny using his text-to-speech program, and reacts by drawing a question mark on the dry-erase board he's carrying.
  • In "Who Can Sell More Bibles?", there are multiple cutaways to Kenny as a hammy preacher that provides narration on how Spencer is falling for his scheme.