Funny / Julie & Julia

  • Julia's second attempt at the Le Cordon Bleu exam:
    *Leaves the room*
    Julia: *blows a raspberry*
  • Julia, in a fit of competitiveness, chopping a MOUNTAIN of onions and weeping. Paul comes in, covers his eyes, and promptly leaves again.
    Julia: "Where are you going?"
    Paul : "Not here!"
  • Julia in one of Paul's letters to Charlie:
    Paul: Then, with her bare hands, she snatches a pair of cannelloni from a pot of boiling water and yells "These damn things are as hot as a stiff cock!"
    • Cut to the present time with Julie's husband peeking out of the kitchen: "She said WHAT??"
  • When she receives her letter from Knopf, Julia (All of these entries seem to come from her, don't they?) tries to figure out how to pronounce "Knopf" as she's telling Paul about the actual contents of the letter.
  • (Finally one that's not Julia!) Julie's adulations for butter.
  • When Julia lies down on her bed and discovers that it's too short for her. She looks at her feet in surprise.
  • In the restaurant when Julia's deciding what to do:
    Paul: What do you like to do?
    Julia: [beat] [Laughs]
    • And their mutual agreement that she's very good at it.
  • Julie's summation of Julia making an Aspic sound like the easiest thing in the world to make.
    "The bitch lied."
  • The entire "Julie has to kill a lobster" sequence, complete with Awesome Music from Talking Heads ("Psycho Killer").
  • Simca reading Real Home Cooking, the first publisher's suggestion of what American housewives want.
    "What is marshmallow fluff?"