Funny: Jack Reacher

The books:

  • In Worth Dying For, Reacher is trapped in the back of a truck whose ceiling was hit with a shotgun blast. He gets bored and counts the individual holes the pellets made (there are one hundred and thirteen), which leads to this numbers-related spiel:
    One hundred and thirteen was a prime number. You couldn’t make it by multiplying any other numbers together. Hundred and twelve, you could make by multiplying fifty-six by two, or twenty-eight by four, or fourteen by eight. Hundred and fourteen, you could make by multiplying fifty-seven by two or nineteen by six, or thirty-eight by three. But one hundred and thirteen was prime. No factors. The only way to make a hundred and thirteen was by multiplying a hundred and thirteen by one. Or by firing a shotgun into a truck in a rage.
  • In Bad Luck and Trouble, Reacher's comments on 'New Age Defense Systems': "What kind of name is that for a weapons manufacturer? Like they kill you with kindness? They play pan pipe music until you save them the trouble and slit your wrists?"
  • In The Hard Way, Reacher and Pauling try to find out who bought a chair they found. They eventually locate the correct vendor, an old man running his own store, who offers to tell them what he knows in exchange for five dollars. Reacher offers him two-fifty plus the chair.
    Old man: Four bucks and the chair.
    Reacher: Three bucks and the chair.
    Old man: Three and a half and the chair.
    Reacher: Three and a quarter and the chair.
    Old man: (no response)
    Pauling: Guys, please. (Pauling gives him ten dollars and the chair)

The film:

  • At the end of the car chase in The Movie, Reacher hides himself in a crowd so that the police wouldn't find him. Then a random civilian hands him his hat so he could hide from the police.
    • Then the people at the bus stop he's hiding at step in front of him while he shrugs at his neighbor.
  • Also in the movie, the two Mooks who try to attack Reacher with a bat and a crowbar, only to be limited by the small space. They end up doing more damage to each other than Reacher, with the bat wielder even knocking the crowbar wielder out by smacking him in the face.
  • This exchange before Reacher confronts the Zec:
    Helen: You were wrong about my father.
    Reacher: Yeah, let's not make a big thing of it.