Funny / Incompetence

  • The Euronews chapter. Harry has abandoned his rental car thanks to being unable to disable the vehicle's autopilot and has put the dead body of a French minister that had been stashed in the boot in the driver's seat. Upon checking the news, the German authorities have caught up with the car and RabidCop. When the car doesn't stop, they deploy a rocket launcher and miss, hitting a tanning factory instead. When the car finally runs out of petrol, the SWAT team kicks the door off the car and riddle the dead occupant with more bullets. They then claim he was on drugs and ranting and raving at them. There's also the reporter in the newscopter freaking out when the cops start shooting, complaining that he's a sports reporter and was supposed to be covering a football match.
  • Captain Zuccho's Hair-Trigger Temper results in him opening fire at a nearby pavement when asked to calm down.