Funny / Improv Everywhere

  • In short, some of the reactions to the people who have no clue what is going on is downright hilarious.
  • From the Ghostbusters performance-
    Security Guard (to agent dressed as a ghost): Sir, what are you doing?
    Agent: Um... Haunting the library.
  • The reactions of the various agents escorted out of DSW in Look Up More
    • ...The manager had no way of knowing we weren’t going to, say, expose ourselves or spell out “Shop at Payless” with our bodies.
    • ...we see our first signal and begin doing our jumping jacks. Apparently in DSW, this is akin to Defcon 5. “OH MY GOD THEY’RE DOING JUMPING JACKS,” [the manager] exclaims. “Call the cops."
    • “OH, great. Jumping jacks! That’s it, call security!” Apparently we had broken the unspoken rule/sin of doing jumping jacks in a store.
    • They must have thought we were the infamous Jumping-Jax Shoe Heist Gang come to raid their store.
    • For future reference, if you ever want to get kicked out of DSW all you have to do is jumping jacks.
  • From Aspen, Colorado, comes "Meet A Black Person," which is Crosses the Line Twice at its finest. Especially if you love awkward white people.
    "Mom, c'mere, there's a black guy down here!"
  • The reaction of several NYPD officers to the Times Square Freeze.
    "I'm gonna get Apple Guy! He's gonna break!"
  • Near the end of "Offshore Gambling" comes this gem:
    "Apparently, giving out cups of Cheerios is a worse offense than setting up a casino on park property."