Heartwarming / Improv Everywhere

  • Sure, it was staged, but think of how proud the cab driver must've felt after the Rom Com Cab event!
  • The text, LOOK UP MORE. People need to look up more, really. You never know what awesome stuff you might see. Like these folks.
    • "They're putting on a show! Only in NY!"
  • Surprise Wedding Reception.
  • Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce: A handbell choir accompanies a Salvation Army bellringer during the 2009 holiday season.
  • All of the "Greatest (thing) ever" vids, except for the funeral one.
  • Say something nice
  • There's also Welcome Back. In general, any mission focused on giving random acts of kindness or wanting to make a lot of people just feel better qualifies as a CMOH.