• Episode 6 is chock-full of funny moments. Consider the following examples:
    • In the English dub version of episode 6, when Klatt fails to catch Bunny, Van quips "If you really loved her, you'd have caught her!" (Thus perfectly summing up the theory behind Falling into His Arms.) All the funnier if you remember this later when Van catches Pricilla in episode 14.
    • Later in episode 6, Van ends up fighting Bunny's father in his Armor. He draws his sword, the theme music starts, he gets ready to do that thing with his hat...and a car drives over the hill. An armored car, yes, but still just a car.
    Bunny's Father: What's wrong? Summon your Armor!
    Van: Yeah...that won't be necessary.
  • All of Van's interactions with Joshua in the swimsuit episode.
    • Josh runs enthusiastically towards Van, gleeful at seeing his friend again... and Van's reaction is chop his neck and spin kick him to the floor.
    • Joshua starts wondering about the whole underwear problem in Bokini. Van's pained explanation is a repeated. "Go to bed Joshua..." His plea gets louder and louder as Joshua says he can't sleep wondering about it.
    • The episode ends with Maxson and the queen of Bokini making out. The reactions of everyone else, including of course Joshua and Van, are priceless, including Van's final line timed with the ringing of his hat.
    Van: Well, it definitely was a climax...
  • At the end of the finale: Van's encounter with Kameo. Kameo (who's now the size of a coffee table) looks happy to see him again. Van does not.
  • The running gag of Van and asking for every known condiment to dump all over his food.
    "Damn, that's good!"
    "Now that's sweet!"
    "IT GOT COLD!"