Fridge / GUN×SWORD

  • How did Michael and Fasalina survive the destruction of their Original Armors? Other members of the Original Seven died almost immediately when their Armors got totaled. It's even worse if the radio drama which confirms their survival of the base's destruction is canon.
    • If you consider how the other Original Seven met their end, it's not too odd. Gadved's exploded, Woo's exploded, Melissa's got sliced in half by Ray and Carossa's followed soon after. Michael's just got sliced in a V shape so probably didn't hit him, and Fasalina's just stopped working. They didn't explode so they were exceptions.
    • I believe it's stated about halfway into the series that a portion of The Claw's Original Seven either aren't as extensively modified as Van and his contemporaries were or aren't modified at all, due to refinements made in the Seven's technology since the Claw took over. Since that removes their need for synchronization, they could probably survive without interfacing with their Armor.

  • In episode 25, Van calls Michael "Our little idiot brother!" during their fight. At the beginning of the series, Wendy offered herself to Van as a wife if he would take her along. Does this mean Van took her seriously, or was he speaking metaphorically (the brother, who's an idiot)?
    • Could also be an artifact of the Japanese language, which allows for the use of familial terms to address non-relatives with no implication of actual blood relation or even acquaintanceship.

  • Van, who is dressed like a cowboy actually uses a sword for his weapon. Ray, who is clearly styled like a samurai uses a gun. Not only that, but when Van's blade isn't out he holsters the handle like a gun, and Ray's gun has an excessively long handle that also looks and is carried like a sheathed sword.
    • it goes beyond that, too. Van makes straight slashes in the air to call Dann down from the sky. Ray shoots bullets in a circle into the ground, to call Volkain from underground.