Headscratchers / GUN×SWORD

  • So, it's sometimes assumed that Van and the other Original Seven pilots are The Ageless due to regeneration. They certainly do have Healing Factor, which might keep them from aging. But if this is true, why does Gadved look middle aged? Anime age is hard to tell, but Gadved definitely doesn't look like a young man. Are we supposed to think that he didn't receive reconstructive surgery until he was in his 40s or 50s? On the other hand, if he's NOT immortal, why is it that Gadved sometimes makes it sound like he was part of the real original group of armor riders? Half the time the things he says make it sound like was part of the first Original Seven, who came to the planet generations ago. The other half of the time, he sounds like he's merely reporting things he heard from others. (For instance, when he talks about why Saudade ended up in the ocean, he seems to be reporting something from 100 years ago that he himself did not witness.) Either way, it doesn't seem consistent.
    • Maybe he DID have to wait that long, for whatever reason. I can think of a lot. And the inconsistencies can be explained because he's just a man; even if he was alive when Saudade fell (for example), its unlikely that he actually witnessed it, and quite possible that he didn't even know about it until years later.
  • What exactly happened to Ray's eyes?
    • If you look closely when Ray kills Carossa the latter manages to damage Vulcain and it cuts to a shot of Ray shielding his face. Maybye a bit of shrapnell or something hit him in the eye?
    • In his debut episode he its very brief but he takes some pepper to the eye while fighting Van in R's room
    • It's very blink-and-you-miss-it during the Episode 20 flashback, but while Ray's getting knocked around in the cockpit, electricity from the shorting console arcs to his right eye. Also, ouch.
  • How on Earth did they sneak an ACTUAL sex scene in episode 20, I mean, wasn't there trouble that in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, it was IMPLIED Kira did it with Flay, during a timeslot when children would be watching?
    • GUN×SWORD isn't a shonen series. It originally aired late at night (Metacritic says at midnight; the Japanese television advertisements included in Geneon's DVD release said 1 AM), so the audience would most likely have been adult men rather than teens or children.