Heartwarming: GUN×SWORD

GUN×SWORD is heavy on the awesome and the funny, but it has some heartwarming, too.
  • At the end of Episode 3, Carlos finally wakes up, and tells the others that he had a 'beautiful dream': They defended the town, and Chizuru was there! Bario tells Carlos that it really happened, and we see a new photo on the wall of the El Dorado V, Van and Wendy, and the townfolk.
    • The sheriff's loyalty to his childhood heroes was pretty touching too, especially after they win.
  • In episode 4, after Wendy has risked life and limb to get Van medicine that he doesn't actually need, he finally calls her by name when he tells her good night. Awwwww. (Alternative reaction: WHY does she put up with so much crap in exchange for such minor victories?)
    • Love makes you do crazy things apparently, and she must see something good enough in him to care for him despite his outward Jerkass tendencies, and given she's proven absolutely right as time goes by, that's even more heartwarming.
  • After his epiphany in episode 16, Van gives the cross-puzzle to Wendy and suggests that she wear it around her neck. He seems to intend it as an Apology Gift, but given the way it was used symbolically during the epiphany, it's particularly touching that he wants Wendy to have it.
  • In a later episode Melissa's Heroic Sacrifice to save her brother Carossa's life. Too bad that this quickly becomes a Tear Jerker.
  • Michael and Fasalina's last scene together, which reveals how much they do care about each other. Particularly heartwarming given her backstory. Also might count as a Tear Jerker.
    • If the drama CD is canon, then it's not a Tear Jerker, since they survived.
  • Final episode: Van is getting knocked around by the Birth Day armor, and he's losing consciousness. He sees washed-out flashes of the events of the series...ending with seeing Wendy and his late wife in full color.
  • In the Distant Finale, Van is shown to have been carrying the "Good Guys pic" over his heart. This contrasts with episode 9, in which he refused to take the photograph of himself, Wendy, and the El Dora gang, though the El Dora V had specifically requested that Carmen bring it to him. (He claimed he didn't "need" it.) It indicates that he HAS changed over the course of the series: he actually cares about his True Companions now.