Funny / Gyo

  • The landshark was absolutely hilarious. Yes, it was an undead killing machine, strong enough to break down doors, fast enough to run people down, and completely impervious to bullets... but it was still a shark mounted on mechanical spider legs, rushing out of the water to eat people the exact moment they relax after making it to land.
    • On that note: GASHUNK!
    • Tadashi and Kaori can hear the landshark crashing around outside, and then the sound stops, and Tadashi decides to check outside their door... It must be seen for full comedic effect.
    • Later, the two get cornered in a room upstairs.
    Kaori: "Stop running away! Take care of that thing!"
  • This page has the professor give just such a mood-breaking expression, as if to say "Yep, that's some fucked up shit alright."
  • The military chasing a swordfish with an APC.
  • Policemen enthusiastically beating the shit out of passing fish.
  • What do you do when the legs get upgraded to Zeppelins from Another World? Fire corpses at it with a circus cannon. And then it grows bat wings.
  • The doomsday cultists in the anime.
  • Erika and her gentlemen friends being interviewed on TV, followed by an awkward silence in the living room as the whole bunch is shown watching.
  • Koyanagi's walking arm. What makes it funny is that he sees it as a scientific discovery and is almost excited about it, while everyone else is understandably horrified.