Funny / Great Teacher Onizuka

  • Pretty much Azusa's every single Tsundere moment in the Live Action series.
  • Anytime Onizuka makes a funny face.
  • "GTO - The Legend Begins": Onizuka's Slow "NO!" as a dish of freshly made sushi he wants to eat is thrown away.
  • "Enter Uchiyamada!": This exchange:
    Uchiyamada: What are you doing?
    Onizuka: Nothing, just wetting myself.
    Uchiyamada: Very interesting.
  • When the kids force Onizuka to buy them expensive sushi and he weeps for all the wallet pains. Then he seems to drop the worries and starts ordering insanely expensive sushi by the truckload. And when he's eaten half a whale... he up and runs for it, leaving the kids to either pay the bill or escape on their own.
  • Urumi's early day in class. She makes a remark about "Oh cute. A King Cobra." with Onizuka casually thinking 'Hah, no way there's a King Cobra here in Japan.'... cue an actual King Cobra biting him on the crotch. Hilarity Ensues when Onizuka attempts to get the teachers remove the cobra from his crotch. So how did he not die due to venom? Thankfully, it's just a make up made by Urumi done to a harmless, non-venomous snake to make it look like an actual King Cobra.
  • When Onizuka's plan to get the whole school to Okinawa fails, he resigns and leaves to work on a Tuna Boat and when he leaves, everyone is in tears...only he got his Benz back from the teacher everyone thought conned him and he got on the ferry to Okinawa.