Funny / Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
You forgot the POWER GLOVE!

  • The opening scene; here we have John who is dreaming about being on an airplane. Normally in airplane disaster films there is a kindly old lady that would tell the hero everything is alright when he is nervous about planes. However, this lady calls him a pussy. Moments after that the roof of the plane opens, sucking the old lady out of the air. Rather than panic, John had this to say:
    John: It's NOT FAIR, I WAS ALMOST OUT!!!
  • And when lost in Springwood...
    Carlos: Oh yeah?! Well the map says we're fucked!
  • After significantly amplifying Carlos' hearing, Freddy takes out a blackboard, going "oooh" and "aaah" as he makes it bigger. As he brings one of his claws to the board, Carlos is begging him not to, all the while Freddy's sadistically grinning and going "mm-hmmmm" as he starts raking his claws across the board. Freddy actually looks like he's about to orgasm while Carlos' head explodes from the sound.
    • Before all that, Freddy sneaks up on a stone-deaf Carlos, who had lost his hearing aid upon entering the dream world. Freddy stands behind him, yelling at the top of his lungs, but through Carlos's aural POV, we see that he doesn't hear Freddy at all. Freddy even busts the fourth wall by giving an aside glance to the viewer, as far to say, "Check this out!"
      • When Carlos' hearing is first amplified and a leaky faucet is enough to cause him physical pain, Freddy is standing on an elevated walkway and drops a pin. Carlos dives and catches it, but Freddy reveals a handful of more pins. Carlos begs him "No, man, no!" before Freddy gleefully tosses them down.
  • Johnny Depp's cameo (under the name Oprah Noodlemantra, which is funny in itself) as "Teen on TV".
  • "I found Spencer!"
  • Freddy's use of The Power Glove to kill Spencer:
    "Now I'm playin' with power!"
    "You forgot the Power Glove!"
    • Before saying the latter quote, he looks at the camera, smiles rather cutely, and turns on the Power Glove.
      • The entire preceding sequence where Freddy controls Spencer like a video game character, complete with wacky Hannah Barbara-esque sound effects.
  • Later in the film, a sleeping John finds himself back in 1428 Elm Street:
    John: Not again. He's not gonna get me again. Nothing is gonna make me get off this bed.
    (the end of the bed bursts into flames)
    John: Damn it! I hate this house!
  • Freddy the Bus Driver
    Freddy: No screaming while the bus is in motion!
  • Freddy as the Wicked Witch of the West, complete with broomstick and a Witch's hat and cloak.
    Freddy: I'll get you my pretty! And your little soul too!
    (Freddy flies away laughing on a broomstick)