Funny / Fly Away Home

  • Although it's cringe-worthy to watch the marsh being destroyed, it's priceless to watch Thomas run out in his speedo shouting at the bull-dozers to stop destroying the land. It borders on Naked People Are Funny. What's even funnier, when shouting at the bulldozers doesn't help, Thomas just resorts to plain old screaming in frustration. Amy makes a face, as though thinking "Oh sure, that'll work."
  • Uncle David's introduction to his niece after so many years: "I gave you silly putty for Christmas, you ate it."
  • The geese's infectious cuteness sending the military force "emotionally back 20 years."
  • The two ladies in the street completely freaking out when Amy and her geese are flying.
  • When Thomas gets the idea to fly south with the geese, Amy thinks it's a great idea. Susan, on the other hand:
    Susan: Of all the crazy and irresponsible ideas...this will never work!
    Thomas: I thought you liked the geese.
  • The adorable artlessness of Amy's apology to the Air Force base commander for unwittingly causing them a lot of trouble.
    Amy: We're really sorry.
    Commander: You put this entire military base on full alert. You caused us a mountain of paperwork. Not to mention setting two of my pilots back emotionally 20 years. And you're REALLY SORRY?!
    Amy: (in a small voice) We promise we'll never do it again.
    Commander: Okay. Just as long as you promise.