Funny / Flander's Company

  • Gladys' Establishing Character Moment:
    Trucidator: Sooo... you are Cindy's father? I really didn't imagine you like this.
    George: Let me guess; you were expecting Conan the Barbarian, maybe?
    Trucidator: Yeah, kinda...
    George: Well, sorry to disappoint you, sir, but my daughters get it from their mother.
    Trucidator: Daughters? (to Cindy) That'd mean you have a...
    Cindy: Oh, no... please Dad, tell me you didn't bring her...
    George: Of course I did! I couldn't leave her alone!
    (loud steps from behind the door; Gladys appears, her axe in hand, scowling)
    Gladys: DADDY! I AM HUNGRY!
    Trucidator: Oh shit.
  • The crossover with Le Visiteur du Futur has its own share:
  • Mello just gets the best lines:
    • Pyro killing Captain Amerloque, and then asking Mello if there is a way to save him:
      Mello: Well, when there is just enough meat left from someone to form the volumic equivalent of a hamster, I think we can say he is dead.
    • Followed by another jewel:
      Mello: Oh... Superheroes wear costumes too! And policemen, soldiers... oh! And even Chinese waiters! You're gonna kill every nem seller in Paris?
    • Season 3 finale, upon the arrival of Hitomi: "C'est à vous le buffet campagnard ?!" / "Is that country buffet yours?!"
  • Heck, Hitomi's whole intervention during this episode counts!
  • Sadoman: "I'm out of Pain... KEVIIIN!" Kevin appears, wearing what can be described as "a Flamboyant Butterfly Suit". Sadoman's eyes EXPLODE seeing Kevin. "Okay. I'm full of Pain now."
  • "Oh, sorry. Déborah's power took control for a second."