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YMMV: Flander's Company
  • Crazy Awesome: Hippolyte
  • Cross the Line Twice: Many, many examples.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Any fight involving Carla or Aegis. Especially when it's both of them!
  • Designated Hero: Usually averted (the Villain Protagonists' psychosis mostly are played for laughs, and their enemies are most of the time worst or no better than them), but there have been episodes where it becomes hard to root for them, even when not taking the whole thing seriously. The episode with Cindy, Gladys and Damien slaughtering Mario and Luigi can lead to a major Dude, Not Funny! case.
  • Foe Yay
    • Parodied with Hippolyte and Carla; in earlier episodes, Carla did shows some flirtiatious tendencies toward Hippolyte, but it was more of Affably Evil Baddie Flattery than actual attraction, and Hippolyte was almost always pissed off. In season 4, when it's revealed their alternate counterparts are lovers, Hippolyte acts shocked, and Carla is so disgusted she has a Vomit Discretion Shot.
    • Played very Straight with Armand Trueman and Carla, to the point they actually sleep together in season 4.
  • God-Mode Sue: Played with. Aegis was a group of formerly four lame heroes: two fortunetellers, someone increasing gravity a bit, someone powerless...). Then Applied Phlebotinum suddenly gave them superpowers above anybody else on earth (Playing with Fire, psychic shield, return attacks, telekinesis...) and made them invincible. In order to beat them, Truman gained temporary powers so high he could knock them with his little finger.
  • Grow the Beard : Initially, the serie was mostly gag-of-the-week type, but later evolved to get actual story arcs and a larger reccurring cast.
  • Ho Yay
    • Hippolyte and Caleb, though they are more like Heterosexual Life-Partners.
    • This trope is actually Invoked by Seiya as the main reason he was sick of being a hero.
  • Magnificent Bastard
    • Armand Trueman, which he gladly exploits to make up for his lack of superpower.
    • Carla Burnelle in season 2.
    • Alternate George Trueman tries to be this. YMMV if he succeeded or not.
  • Moral Event Horizon
    • You can still sympathize with Liam's motivations until he decides that will rather destroy Earth than accept the current system of cooperation between heroes and villains.
    • It's revealed Alternate George Trueman crossed it when he had nanites implanted in his brother's and daughter's brains so he can turn them into killers without either their consent or their knownledge.
  • Villain Decay
    • The C.C went from a relatively competent group who could overthrow Trueman and take over the Flander's Company for a short amount of time to a bunch of Ditz with lame powers and poor sense of fashion that are rendered obsolete when compared to Aegis.
    • Carla wasn't hit as hard but still gets her part: in season 2, she was a Magnificent Bitch and a powerful Psycho Electro who was the first character onscreen to handle Damien and could handle all protagonists together of her own. In season 3, she is Genre Blind to the point of not realizing Armand would betray her once Aegis would have been dealt with, and her brief attempt to come back in season 4 is easily twarted by Über-Caleb. After that, she goes through a Heel-Face Turn and becomes a protagonist, which is probably the best.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: No comment.

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