Funny: FlashForward (2009)

  • Wedeck, Mark's boss, has a vision of himself...on the toilet. Even worse, when the Blackout occurred, he was also on the toilet...and when he came out, he saw a coworker drowning in a urinal, so he had to give him mouth-to-mouth. Courtney B. Vance manages to tell all this in the most hilarious way ever. See it here.
  • Demetri's encounter with at least until six months from now an unemployed stoner probably qualifies as well. "It's OK, I know what a bong is."
  • The Running Gag in "Revelation Zero" of Simon repeatedly attempting to give Janis the slip...and failing.
  • The FBI agent in "Queen Sacrifice" who does not have porn on his computer at work.
  • Simon hitting on Janis.
  • Half the stuff Gabriel says. "Lloyd and Olivia sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I..."
    • "I hate pickles! I hate lettuce! I hate onions!...I like tomatoes."
    • I have a HUGE hippocampus, FYI.
  • "I'm gay." "I will make you gayer."
  • "The whole penis thing, is kind of a problem for me... because I don't like them." "You're gay?" "I'm super gay."
  • How could we get this far without "BECAUSE I WAS LOADED, OK?!"
  • On the radio: "It's the day before the flashforward, and once again everyone's asking: 'What did you see?' So I'll tell you exactly what I saw. I was, and will be, enjoying...enjoying atomic wings at Wing-a-Ding-Ding off Tujunga!"
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