Funny / 52

  • When Starfire, Adam Strange and Animal Man are about to launch their ship, the engine stalls for a second, and they think it doesn't work. Strange's reaction? "I don't get it. This has never happened to me before."
  • Situationally, Starfire being the fetish fuel that she is, being stranded with the two most happily-married men in the DC Universe. She strolls around nude, and neither even seem to notice.
  • Renee occasionally tells the Question to "bite me." His response is to tell her he can't, as he has no mouth.
  • Black Adam goes through the process of bequeathing some of his power to Amon, which involves having Amon say "Black Adam."
    The Question: Black Adam! Shazam! Isis!
    Renee Montoya: What the hell are you doing?
    The Question: Seeing if it's contagious.
  • Captain Marvel, the new master of the Rock of Eternity, yelling at the Sins.
  • When Starfire shows up at Animal Man's house to save him from bounty hunters and passes out from exhaustion after doing so, Buddy's wife asks if he ordered a stripper upon seeing her on the front porch.
  • When explaining how he posed as Supernova, Booster Gold gives this gem:
    "First off, I had to play dumb. And if you were really yourself, Skeets, you'd be having a field day with that statement."