Funny / Eyes Wide Shut

  • "This pot is making you aggressive."
  • Bill repeatedly being Mistaken for Gay, first heckled by a bunch of guys on the street, then being blatantly hit on by the receptionist at Nick's hotel. His awkwardness is decidedly palpable, and made even funnier by the running joke about Tom Cruise being in the closet.
  • Kubrick had a real thing for hyper-literal humour. In the otherwise very serious talk with Victor:
    Bill: Have you seen this?
    (gives Victor the obituary notice; he scans over it for a moment, folds it up, then hands it back)
    Victor: Yes I have.
  • The scene with Mr. Milich (the foreign costume shop owner) is legitimately funny.
  • The final lines. The cinematic testament of Kubrick — one of the most scrutinized artists of all time — simply states that people need to get laid more.
    Alice: I do love you and you know there is something very important we need to do as soon as possible.
    Bill: What's that?
    Alice: Fuck.