Funny / Exiern

  • Tiffany's "Wanton Wench" T-Shirt, since Tiff can't read Peonie translated the words to she would take on any man. Tiffany then thinks it is a fighting t-shirt. Even Faden was impressed.
  • The Hurricane of Puns that resulted from the werebear attack, and the King's Guard's response (the guy bitch slapped a werebear).
    • Similar puns when Ctyx reappears and the description provides links to his previous strips.
  • The King sucker punching Tiffany...well she had just done so to him and tried to claim it was sign of respect among her people. The King was just showing Tiff how much he respected her back. This one even Tiffany thought was Actually Pretty Funny
  • "OK, let's review: It's up to the fair young maiden to rescue the dragon from the fire breathing knights in shining armor. When the hell did the universe get turned inside out?"
  • Tiff and Peonie talk unicorns.
    Peonie: I learned that unicorns can only be ridden by those of pure virtue!
    Tiffany: So?
    Peonie: Why is it then that a conquering barbarian can ride one?
    Tiffany: Why is it that a princess of high standing can not? [gives a giant smile]
    Tiffany: Agreed.