Tear Jerker / Exiern

  • A meta-example, original writer and creator, Drowemos' farewell to the fans after selling the comic. read it here.
  • Ctyx. Good lords, every scene he's in just makes you want to cry. Getting his hand lopped off by an evil sorcerer, because he dared to offer assistance. Getting exiled from his family, and told he's useless as a result. Getting to the main city, after his new magical hand led him there, only to watch his girlfriend struck down protecting him from a shapeshifter who had the gall to say sorcerers are unnatural. Only to be fooled by another shapeshifter who decided to impersonate her, and tried to use him as a tool, and then a shield. Lastly, finding his girlfriend in the morgue, thanks to the actions of said shapeshifter... We can only speculate on what horrors he's faced off-screen, but we do know it somehow involves trying to bring her back.