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Funny: Eureka Seven
  • When Gekkostate forms a soccer team, Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Renton threw up while he and Eureka were flying around in the Nirvash, Mischa's reaction to Renton throwing up is hilarious.
  • Anyone who wasn't Anemone trying to lift up and/or hold Gulliver, Anemone's overweight pet thingy.
    • Especially when it steals Dominic's bunk in Episode 44 and refuses all attempts to make it move.
  • Whenever Anemone's insanity isn't making her balls to the wall terrifying, she's usually this.
  • "Date of Birth": Holland flipping out over a very, very poorly worded statement from Eureka. "RENTON! Where the hell are you?!"
  • Any time Renton gets überexcited because of something Eureka does obliviously. Such as, once they were doing the washing up, and Eureka got a little closer and their were in contact. "Right now, all my nerves are concentrated in my arm! Or rather, my entire self is my arm!" with an incredibly pleased face.
  • Eureka "wearing" makeup straddles the line between this and horrific. No, really.
  • Master Norb being dragged off for a bath in "Cosmic Trigger". You'd think they were sending him to be tortured. "After having 50 years of dirt washed off I feel like I could catch a cold..."
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