Funny / Eternal Sonata

Proving that a Dying Dream doesn't have to be a somber one, here are some of the funnier moments from Eternal Sonata:

  • Salsa's height rivalry with Beat.
  • Salsa finds her pirate's treasure.
  • The old guy, realizing he'll be in trouble for breaking his wife's dentures.
  • The behavior of Captain Dolce and her pirate crew in general, but particularly her reaction to Salsa in the third battle with them: "Little girl, I want that hat back."
    • Polka's worries that maybe it's not right for your party to take the pirates' treasure and the assurances of everyone else (even Frederic!) that it's okay because it's all stuff that was stolen to begin with.
  • When Polka finds Crescendo in the PS3 only dungeon Lament's Mirror, he says that there's a legend that the mirror has the ability to reflect what's in people's souls. He then continues that the legend also states that those are pulled into the mirror are trapped there forever. Polka looks startled and Crescendo comments "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. That was just part of the legend." Later on in the dungeon, you encounter Salsa and Frederic trapped together and Salsa's whining about lack of food causes Frederic to do a Facepalm. The party approaches and Salsa shouts "We're saved!," leading Frederic to comment, "Yes, saved in more ways than one, I should say."
  • Retto's fumbling attempts to explain the nature of the God EZI to Beat: "He's the god of hiccups and the patron saint of bread crusts..." before finally giving up and admitting ignorance— "Yeah, who the heck is EZI?"
  • The mailman near Viola's house who's upset that he lost the three letters he had for Viola... once you realize that the letters in question are currently being digested by the goats that Allegretto fed them to so that your party could cross the bridge. Whoops!
  • As the player explores the game, they can explore a number of areas and objects that don't result in treasure, but sometimes result in at least mildly funny comments from the characters. There are at least two in particular that stand out:
    • Inside a home in Forte, Allegretto can read a note which reads "One meal per person, per day. More than that and the Iron Mask will cry." Allegretto's response? "The Iron Mask is a wimp."
    • In Andante, Allegretto finds a note in a bottle tucked in a corner instructing him to search by the small waterfall. When he does, he finds another note reading "Here's my address, big boy. Come on by and we'll have some fun!" The player receives a message from the game - "Acquired some guy's address." After the player acknowledges the message, there is a sound of paper shredding and another message comes up - "Tore up some guy's address."
  • Some of the battle quotes can make for hilarious situations against bosses.
    Waltz: AHAHAHAHAHAHA NOTHING can stop me!
    March: Pleased to meet you!
    • Or:
      Frederic: This entire world is my dream, I will not let you destroy it!
      Jazz: What, are none of you awake yet?
  • Polka recounts how she'd been carrying a certain stone around with her as long as she could remember, and how when she was four, she apparently refused to throw it away because it was a gift from someone she loved. Salsa's reaction?
    Salsa: You had a boyfriend when you were four? Boy, you sure were precocious, weren't you?
  • Salsa denying that she ever cried.
    Salsa: The only time I cry is at the beauty of a perfect sunset!
  • There's a stained glass window in Baroque City that looks like a door at first glance. Examining it will produce a *thunk* and an "Ow!"
  • How can we forget Allegretto's classic wisdom?
    "If you don't go into the lion's den, you can't count your chickens!"
  • Occasionally, Salsa spouts off this quote after pulling off a special attack.
    Salsa: That's right, worship me!