Fridge / Eternal Sonata

  • Why does the dreamworld for a 1800s polish pianist include references to Jazz music and cultures like Japan? These unfamilar things are supposed to cause doubt in Chopin (and the player) as to whether the world is truly just a dream.
  • Count Waltz went from a Generic Doomsday Villain to a work of genius in the re-release. In the original game, he's just kind of a dick who wants to rule everyone and screw them over constantly For the Evulz. You know, the same plot every JRPG villain known to man has. In the re-release, he has a big speech about how he wants to be remembered for all eternity and is conquering the world to leave a permanent mark on history. When Frederick asks if there could be more meaning to death, Waltz flat-out rejects this idea. Why? Because every character is part of Frederick's dream and, therefore, part of his subconscious. Polka is his memories of his sister, Jazz is probably his rebelliousness... Waltz? His fear of dying and being forgotten. The antagonist is not a generic Evil Overlord but is actually Frederick's own fear of fading from the world without leaving any sort of impact on it; desperately trying to assert itself before the end comes.
  • The game has received a lot of flak for having a pianist wield a conductor's baton but it makes sense if you think about it symbolically. This story is Frederick's dream and so he is conducting it, albeit subconsciously. On a lesser note, fighting with a grand piano would be impractical and stretch the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, even if this is a dream. By giving him a conductor's baton they can give him a music themed weapon, avoid having him fight with his bare-hands, and thus retain his air of an Elegant Classical Musician.
  • Breaking the One Steve Limit and having two characters named "Bass," given that bass has two different meanings in music - the instrument and the type of singing voice. When you stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense because you have Tenor, Falsetto, and Bass all in Andantino, and all vocal types. Meanwhile, you have Dolce's pirate lieutenants Guitar and Bass, both instruments.