Funny / Double Indemnity

  • This neat little exchange:
    Norton: That witness from the train, what was his name?
    Barton Keyes: His name was Jackson. Probably still is.
  • Speaking of Jackson, he completely steals the scene when Keyes debriefs him, with the Running Gag of "Mr. Keyes: I'm a Medford man. Medford, Oregon. In Medford, we..." etc.
  • More from Keyes:
    • When he asks Walter, "Mind if I make a very blunt statement?" Neff says sure, and Keyes announces, "Walter? I am a very great man."
    • When Phyllis calls Walter in the office while Keyes is delivering a passionate monologue on the greatness of insurance investigations. Keyes takes the phone, asks the caller to hold—and then finishes his monologue as if nothing happened, before finally adding, "There's a dame on the phone."
    • After his big monologue where he tears to shreds Mr. Norton's "suicide" theory, he asks for Norton's drink without missing a beat—and then snatches the glass and downs said drink without waiting for an answer!