YMMV / Double Indemnity

  • Award Snub: Understandable given the context of the times and the nation's mood, but the film lost out the Best Picture prize to the much lighter Going My Way, while neither Fred MacMurray nor Edward G. Robinson were even nominated in the Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor categories.
  • Ho Yay: That last scene really says it all:
    Neff: Know why you couldn't figure this one, Keyes? I'll tell ya. 'Cause the guy you were looking for was too close. Right across the desk from ya.
    Keyes: Closer than that, Walter.
    Neff: I love you, too.
    • Granted, that last line was meant more as sarcasm (and the conclusion of a Running Gag), but even so...
  • Values Dissonance: After the first mention of killing Phyllis' husband, Walter is keyed up so he goes to a drive-up restaurant and has a beer.