Funny: Dirk Gently

  • In the third episode of the TV series, both occasions where Dirk admits he's the stalker.
  • This exchange in the first episode:
    Dirk: The circumstances of my first meeting with Mr. Edwards lead me to believe that he is a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
    [Flashback; Dirk is clearly following Mr. Edwards]
    Mr. Edwards: [Suspicious] Are you following me?!
    Dirk: [Cheerfully] Yes!
  • Had a crash then?" ... "Oh. You look like you've had a crash!" This is definitely how most British people would react in this situation.
  • The pilot has Dirk's expert computer hacker be a ten year-old boy who he hands the laptop to through his school's playground gate.
    • We later find out Dirk plays the kid with cigarettes.
  • The missing Henry being a cat is a Tomato Suprise in the pilot.