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  • "Sexy Internet Dating" is already hilarious due to what they're doing (using "sexy" photos of a wooden guinea pig and messing with people on a dating app by pretending to be the guinea pig.) The conversations are ridiculous, but it gets funnier when they realize that one of their victims lives in their own building.
    • The sequel video is just as funny. Their Epic Fail when they accidentally send their address to a persistent creeper is amazing.
  • Our List of Awkward Moments. It's telling when Dan and Louise can't even get the intro done properly.
  • Dan Gets His Legs Waxed on his secondary channel, danisnotinteresting. The entire video, particularly the innuendo counter, is hysterical.
    • As usual, Dan and Louise can't get the intro done properly, with the first attempt being Louise hobbling from behind the door to stay in frame.
    • At one point, Dan catches Louise casually snacking on his cereal.
    • When using some wax, Dan and Louise accidentally microwave it with its foil seal still on, after having read the warning.
    Louise: Are we stupid? Are we actually stupid?
  • Stalker Prank Call. Dan tries to prank call a fan and pretend she's in trouble...and then the fan puts her Mama Bear mother on the phone who is having absolutely none of it. Dan's genuine panic is both palpable and hilarious - watching him try to hold the prank together in the face of this fear is even more so. (One of his friends literally runs out of the room in fear.)
  • Our Awkward Fancy Meal. Dan and Louise tell about the night Louise's friends tried to celebrate her friendship with a fancy meal, before it quickly turned into the most mortifying experience of their lives.
  • "The Photobooth Challenge", one of Dan's most popular videos, features a lot of amusing improv. The "Face Swap Challenge" is a Spiritual Successor that's just as funny in the same ways.
  • Any time he and Tyler Oakley are in the same room is bound to lead to hilarity.
  • "I Nearly Blinded Myself" is hysterical, especially as the muffin becomes increasingly Serious Business.