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Go here for funny moments pertaining to Dan and videos from his channel, and here for moments from their joint gaming channel.

     Phil is Not On Fire 
Every single episode (and bloopers video) is hilarious, due to the bizarre prompts they're given, and their entertaining chemistry and improv. Some notable examples include:
  • Dan getting "possessed" by the Kristen Stewart wig.
  • The creepy masks of Queen Elizabeth and Justin Bieber.
  • Dan "ruining America for everybody".
  • Dan has to guess the object being pressed against his face. He guesses it's a Furby, and when he sees he's right, he throws it across the room.
  • The "whiskening" in episode 7.
    Phil: No pressure.
    Dan: Nose pressure. *Dan does an Aside Glance, then realizes how ridiculous it was*
    • This continues in the outtakes:
    Dan: Okay, stand still.
    Phil: Stencil.
  • Tug-of-war with Phil's stress mushroom results in it breaking, and Dan is freaked out beyond belief, especially upon realising whatever was inside it was wet for some reason.
  • Phil's goose impression, achieved by a rubber chicken. This comes back when Dan is told to guess the object he's sitting on. When he hears the squeak, he goes into another freak-out and throws the chicken away.
  • "Dan, you're a tortilla chip; Phil, you're the salsa. Make fanfic!"
  • "Say something that will annoy the audience."
    Dan: The game.
    Phil: Sherlock is cancelled.
    Dan: They said annoy, not ruin their lives!
  • Phil's attempt to stay on top of the trends.
    Phil: Thicc.
    Dan: You're logged onto AmazingPhil?
    Phil: Yeah...
    Dan: Go deactivate your account.
    • After this exchange...
    Phil: And what a thicc channel it was... *Dan corpses*
  • "When you die, what will be on your tombstone?"
    Phil: "Oh, Phil, there was never a better king of the universe."
    Dan: "Ugh."
  • In episode 8, Dan and Phil need to play a sailor and a merman.
    Dan: "Hey there seaman, wanna inspect my gills?"
    Phil: "No."
  • Dan sings "Celebration" when broadcasting the end of the world.
  • Dan draws a tattoo of himself on Phil's arm with a sharpie.
    Phil: "What is it?"
    Dan: "It's me. So you can never forget who your bestest friend was."
    Phil: "Aww. BURN IT."
  • Phil, twerk-flipping a bottle. The bloopers add his version of the "One Thicc Bih" song over it.
  • When Dan and Phil are challenged to a tie-tying race, Phil wonders what will happen if it is a tie. It is.
  • One prompt tells Dan to check under Phil's bed, where he not only injures himself on the wooden frame, but also finds a pack of giant playing cards and an unused trowel. Phil explains that he intended to use it for his houseplants, and Dan immediately lampshades that it might have helped if he ever used it.
  • Dan reads out a prompt that says "Dan, you're a hamster. Phil, you're a gallon of milk. Traumatise us!". Phil's immediate reaction probably matches the audience's reaction accurately. note 
    Phil: No! One hundred percent no!


  • Phil tells about his first date...a grade school pizza night with a girl in his class. The girl, however, starts to play footsie with him, thoroughly weirding young Phil out. Due to his Extreme Doormat nature even then, he would have been stuck in that situation if his ticklish reflex hadn't caused him to accidentally kick the girl and end the scene.
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  • Phil is a supreme Weirdness Magnet as evidenced by his strange, sometimes possibly paranormal experiences he often retells in his videos. At one point, he's visited by an old woman inviting him to meet the "Holy Mother" upstairs. Phil is scared and refuses, unfortunately saying "Maybe next time."
  • Easter Baking 2017 has a few, such as Phil spilling the dry ingredients, Dan's Freak Out! when Phil does the upside-down meringue test over his head, and Dan intentionally making things weird by saying "Feed me, Easter daddy" when Phil asks him to feed him a meringue. Phil immediately corpses in confusion and can't eat it.
  • All of Phil's attempts to jumpscare Dan at random times. Bonus points for when he succeeds.
  • Phil's attempt at making ASMR. He can't take it seriously, and it ends with a freeze-frame of his face laughing awkwardly, captioned "THE EXACT MOMENT WHERE I REGRETTED ALL OF MY LIFE CHOICES".
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  • All of his videos in the "Why I Was A Weird Kid" series.
  • His reaction to "Phillippa", a rather ...weird early short film of his featuring a bloodthirsty genderbent version of himself.
    Phil (slamming his laptop shut and chucking it aside): KILL IT WITH FIRE!
  • Any time he's fangirling over his favourite bands or TV shows or books and goes into slight overdrive.
  • When trying to make a slime video, he begins to think out loud about the end of the universe and how it apparently looks like the slime he's making. He even does a gruff voice that represents his final judgement at the hands of the Creator.
  • The entirety of "Viewers Pick My Outfits." Some of the clothes the viewers chose for him are quite cool, while others are... not. Dan's snide comments, mixed with uproarious laughter from behind the camera only adds to the hilarity.
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  • His collabs with pretty much anyone end up in Surreal Humour territory. Especially ones with Kickthe PJ, a long time close friend.
  • In one livestream, Dan accompanied Phil on piano while the latter meowed out the entirety of Sunburn. There was some redemption at the end when he launched into an actually beautiful rendition of the chorus.
  • Most of his accidental innuendos or awkward phrasing of words also count.
  • In their 2018 Easter Baking:
    • When Phil is squishing the butter in the bowl to soften it, Dan notes that some viewers are probably being aroused. Phil says "Oh my gosh, I am", just as Dan makes it clear he's publicly kink-shaming the butter freaks out there.
    • Continuing the uncomfortably sexual baking, Dan and Phil play up the satisfying aspect of the dough's smack when it falls on the table to nearly erotic levels.
    • When Phil talks about the measurements of the dough and prompts Dan for a comparison, Dan makes the mistake of starting with "Phil's..." and manages to save it by saying "self-restraint around sweets".
  • Phil looking over some deleted videos shows some delightfully bizarre and awkward experiments in video-making...especially the time he tried to be "artistic".
  • In the Pastel Edits video, Dan's unholy screeching when Phil applies a tattoo to his neck. It can only be described as sounding similar to screaming goats.
  • In his coming out video, he says he considered uploading a five-second clip of him literally coming out of a closet before deciding to discuss his sexuality in further detail.
    Phil: [opens the closet door, fighting back laughter] Hi. I'm gay. [accidentally closes the door on his knee]

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