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Funny: Dancing with the Stars
  • Not even a dance, but Tom showing the "I'm Still Standing" music video and highlighting Bruno's prominent role in it. If you listen closely, you can hear Bruno calling Tom a bitch, which only makes it funnier.
    • Kendra's face afterwards really topped it off.
    • Best of all, it was actually a surprise—they didn't tell him about it beforehand, and that look of shock is real.
    • Back in Season 10, Bruno actually mentions hanging out on a beach with Elton John when Kate Gosselin danced to that same song (he proclaims that she ruined the memory with the quality of her dancing). Bruno might have been better served if he'd kept his mouth shut.
  • Honestly, pretty much anything that comes out of Tom's mouth that isn't in the script. The man is hysterical.
  • Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice doing "Dance Center" during the 2012 finale, complete with a fake "This is SportsCenter" commercial.
  • Season 16 - Team "Pickler-Dick"
  • In the Season 18 finale, they show clips of Meryl and Maks being asked about their relationship status. Meryl gets embarrassed, says, "I can't talk about that!", and dances around the question. Cue Maks saying, without a moment's hesitation, "I want to ravage her and have ice skating, big, Russian, mean babies with her."
    • "When are you going to ask her to marry you?" "Probably tomorrow."
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