Funny / Courageous

For a rather dramatic movie about the importance of being a good father, this movie is never afraid to have its audience laugh.

  • Having just faced disappointment when a job falls through, a struggling man is calling out God as he walks down a random alley. Meanwhile, one of the main characters, who owns a house adjacent to the alley, is expecting a contractor of the same name, who is later revealed to be hospitalized. The dumbfounded man stumbles through a conversation with the main character, and ends up working with him for several days, at $150 a day, before anyone is the wiser. Not to mention the conversation that follows when the mistake is finally discovered...
  • The main characters are giving Javier a lift in their squad car. When the officers are called in to help with a gang bust, Javier relates to them how he started a "Gang" called the Snake Kings (in reality, it's one of those "exclusive clubs" everyone has as kids, and only included his brothers.). They end up being late to the party, and are asked to transport a gang member back to prison... with their friend still in the car. Cue the officer asking Javier for a favor offscreen, and the perp being informed that he will be riding with the leader of the Snake Kings, and warned to tell the officers if the man tries to stab him. What follows involves Javier sticking out his chin and acting like a psycho, saying various innocuous Spanish phrases in a scheming Don-Vito-esque voice, and then acting like he slips his cuffs, pantomiming a snake strike at his panicked victim. It must be seen to be believed.
    • It gets funnier when you realize that he's talking about food and everything he talks about can be obtained at Chick-Fil A.
  • "Love you, bye."
  • Made funnier when this is brought up in a department meeting, with the sheriff telling everyone how inappropriate it is. One more layer of laughter comes in when he announces, "Gotcha!" to Adam.