Heartwarming / Courageous

  • Oh, my gosh, the dancing on the side of the highway. A little bit before Before Adam Mitchel's daughter dies, she asks her dad to dance with her on the side of the road when her favorite song plays on the radio while they are driving. Adam declines because, well, it's kind of embarrassing. So, instead she teaches him how to dance for next time by acting like she is holding him as she dances. It's adorable, but the real heartwarmer is when a little after after she dies, Adam goes to the same spot on the side of the road and plays his daughter's favorite song and walks outside. He than starts dancing as a voice over of her teaching him to dance plays while he dances. Note that this was one of those dances that involve holding the other person. This troper needed a few tissues after that.
    • Also heartwarming is the dinner scene after the "Snake Kings" scene. The Mitchels are laughing happily when Adam says that he had a good day. In the quiet of his wife and son sobering, he states that they're going to be okay. Then his son says out of the blue "I wish I had been a better brother..." The three family members end up in a crying group hug as Adam reaffirms his love and care for his son and reassuring him that he's not to blame for anything involving his sister.

  • You may need a few tissues after some of these, which cross into Tear Jerker moments:

    • After Emily's death, Adam and Victoria are in her room talking. The camera pans up to a shot of a placard above Emily's bed that reads, My prince did come, his name is Daddy.

    • Near the end of the film, Nathan takes his daughter Jade to dinner at a fancy place the family would normally not eat at since they can't normally afford it. In a ceremonious moment, Nathan asks Jade to trust him with her heart until God shows them both who she should marry. He then gives her a heart-shaped promise ring.

    • During the climactic shootout, the gang targets a little girl, intending to use her as leverage against the cops. She runs for her house screaming for her daddy, who grabs her and actually tries to wrestle her attackers. Once it's all over, Adam is concerned about her and reassured she is all right. We see the girl in her father's arms.