YMMV / Courageous

  • Anvilicious: But to a lesser extent than the stereotypical Christian flick.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: When Javier chooses to say that he will not fudge numbers for his boss. He struggled mightily because he fully expected to lose a job he desperately needed to provide for his family but in the end, he decided to be a man of honor that his children could respect...and is promoted for his honesty.
  • Growing the Beard: To a greater extent than Facing the Giants; this film is regarded as a large step in "Christian cinema" being taken seriously, both in production values and content.
  • Narm: Nathan takes his daughter Jade on an upscale dinner date, and gives her a ring that is meant to symbolize his commitment to being the best dad he can be... up to and including "approving any young man who desires to have more than a friendship with you," because "One day I'll give you away to another man, and l want that man to love God more than anything. This leads to the following:
    • Nathan: Jade, will you give me your left hand, please?
    • Jade: Daddy, is this real?
    • Nathan: Yes, it is. This is meant to be worn until it's replaced by your wedding ring.
    • Even in the context of the movie, this is at best Narm if not Squick.
  • Tear Jerker: When Adam Mitchell's daughter dies.
    • If you're a Christian, this scene might hit even harder since after Shane explains to Adam exactly what happened, Adam says "Oh God help my daughter!"…and then she STILL dies. This leads into a series of scenes of the family grieving and then into a conversation between Adam and his wife where she tearfully talks about how "I'm in a black hole and I don't know where the way out is" (paraphrased). Many Christians can relate to unanswered prayers causing horrible pain.
      • Another way to look at "unanswered" prayers is that they simply don't get the answer you want, i.e. the answer you want is 'yes' and the answer you get is either 'no' or 'wait' (the prayer isn't answered on your preferred timetable).