Funny / The Court Jester

  • In particular, the "vessel with the pestle" tongue twister.
    • "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!"
      • Shortly afterwards: "The pellet with the poison is in the vessel with the plasle...the plasle with the plessle, er..."
    • And then they break the chalice from the palace, and bring out the flagon with the dragon...
      • The fact that both Griswold and Hawkins fail to remember the rhyme until the chalices are presented — and then Hawkins remembers it, holding the flagon with the dragon aloft triumphantly. Griswold, at that point, just takes the other glass.
      • The two of them muttering to themselves, trying to remember the rhyme, while Griswold's helmet keeps sticking to Hawkins' magnetized armor.
    • And the story that for the rest of Danny Kaye's life, people kept asking to do the routine in its entirety with him.
  • "Yea verily yea!" Especially when they do the whole ceremony in every detail in double time!
    • And the fact that Hawkins has actually managed to sneak into the knighting ceremony in an attempt to flee from it; he keeps trying so earnestly to look like he's supposed to be there, unaware that he actually is supposed to be there.
  • Or possibly the final sword-battle with its Implausible Fencing Powers, especially the Excuse Me While I Multi Task moment.
  • When Griselda is hypnotizing Hawkins to make him a suave romancer, she starts listing off all the traits he will need to exhibit and with each one Hawkins immediately shifts into an appropriate pose. Until the very end, where she says that he needs to show passion, and he just stands there looking clueless. She repeats louder "PASSION!" and he immediately swoops her in his arm for a kiss.
    Griselda: Not me, you fool! The princess.
  • The scene where Hawkins seduces Gwendolyn. His impossibly smooth seduction (which occasionally glitches — "I live for a sigh, I die for a kiss!"), his complete theatrical showiness, and the fact that he switches from brave and brazen to cowardly and timid with a snap just make a hilarious scene.
  • "And a jester unemployed... is nobody's fool!"
  • Hawkins is echoing whatever's just happened in song because otherwise he has no idea what to do, at which point he learns that he has been seducing the princess. It sounds like he snaps a string, and his voice goes up an octave as soon as he realizes what he's saying.
    Giacomo, Giacomo, Giacom-OH?!
  • When Hawkins is getting into Giacomo's clothes, Gene does not tell him who their man inside the castle is.
    Hawkins: After months of waiting for this kind of action, what makes you think that anything, anything would get me to betray my confederates?
    Gene: (without missing a beat) Because they'd put you on the rack, break your every bone, scald you with hot oil, and remove the nails from your fingers with flaming hot pincers.
    Hawkins: ... I'd like to withdraw the question.
  • Jean gets one with her You Don't Want to Catch This ploy. The king is so alarmed that he tries to avoid her for the rest of the film.