Funny / Clockstoppers

  • The whole "time frozen Possum" fiasco.
  • "She has offended my sense of justice!"
    • It's nice to know the Venezuelan's have good taste in science fiction.
    Franceseca: Make it so number one. (Zak scoffs) What? We have Star Trek in Venezuela.
  • Meeker starts teasing Zak and Franceseca, then looks down to see Zak used his watch to pull down his pants.
    Meeker: Hey man that's abusing your powers! I'm gonna call the Super Friends on you, man!
  • Dr. Earl Dopler, getting kicked in the face.
    Dr. Dopler: You know what I don't like? Getting kicked in the head!
  • When Zak realizes he no longer has any cash on his person, and asks the doctor if he has anything.
    Zak: I don't have any money. (looks to Dr. Dopler) Do you have any money?
    Dr. Dopler: You can't ask your hostage for money!
  • Zak selling a typewriter as a "Crashproof Word Processor" on eBay.
  • Rapidly-aging Dopler scrawls "YOU'RE KILLING ME" on the wall of his cell, which isn't very funny. But when he sees the Big Bad approaching he sees fit to add "DIRTBAG", which is.