Funny: Clockstoppers

  • The whole "time frozen Possum" fiasco.
  • "She has offended my sense of justice!"
    • It's nice to know the Venezuelan's have good taste in science fiction.
    Franceseca: Make it so number one. (Zak scoffs) What? We have Star Trek in Venezuela.
  • Meeker starts teasing Zak and Franceseca, then looks down to see Zak used his watch to pull down hi pants.
    Meeker: Hey man that's abusing your powers! I'm gonna call the Super Friends on you, man!
  • Dr. Earl Dopler, getting kicked in the face.
    Dr. Dopler: You know what I don't like? Getting kicked in the head.
  • When Zak realizes he no longer has any cash on his person, and asks the doctor if he has anything.
    Zak: I don't have any money. (looks to Dr. Dopler) Do you have any money?
    Dr. Dopler: You can't ask your hostage for money!
  • Zak selling a typewriter as a "Crashproof Word Processor" on eBay.