Funny: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • When the UFO hunters start getting transmissions from the aliens that come out as numerals, they struggle to find out what the numbers mean and one is heard in the background muttering "What letter is 104?".
    • And when the French translator - who already introduced himself as a cartographer - figures out the numbers are map coordinates, the team rushes about their offices trying to find a map. Instead they find a massive metal globe, which they free and kick it rolling into the hallway. It's that thump into the wall that makes it funny...
  • This line.
    First Scientist: They haven't aged a day. Einstein was right.
    Second Scientist: Einstein was probably one of them.
  • When Neary starts chucking dirt and stuff into his house to make a bigger mountain model... his kids try to help by throwing other stuff in through the windows!
  • The otherwise dark and traumatizing shower scene has one humorous moment when Neary looks at his watch saying "it's waterproof, it still works."
  • "I saw Bigfoot once, made a sound I do not want to hear again."
  • Blink and you miss it, but doesn't one of the Neon-lit baby UFOs use a turn signal during the police car chase...?
  • As the Mother Ship descends upon the contact base, Neary bumps into a terrified technician who's too busy running for a portable toilet to notice there's an unauthorized civilian walking about.
    • And who chose the absolute worst possible time to have a Potty Emergency, because he's missing the big event.
  • Members of the team discuss how they can evacuate Devil's Tower completely — including any stragglers who think they can wait it out. Cut to trucks with brands like "Coca-Cola" and "Piggly Wiggly."
  • During the musical First Contact with the Mother Ship, the human sound crew keeps repeating the five-tone motif even though the Mother Ship is clearly playing new tones trying to teach us more of the language. Finally frustrated that we're not learning, the Mother Ship blasts out the final two notes DAAAAAA-DUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM, smashing windows and forcing us to pay attention.
    • And during the lesson, when the keyboardist misses two notes, the Mother Ship calmly gives a correcting tone and the Moog Operator complies.
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