Headscratchers / Clockstoppers

  • The physics, good lord, the physics. Your molecules are sped up, which help you move faster... unfortunately, that means that when you gently place your hand on a table at that speed, you are actually slapping the table with considerable force. When you pick up and move an item gently, you're actually flinging it with some force. If you run your shoulder into a wall under the influence of this, you're not going to hit it as you normally would, but more like at the speed of a car. This means that when you're manipulating objects at that speed, you need to be CAREFUL.
    • This troper saw a different problem with Hypertime, but it isn't with the physics, it was with chemestry. If your molecules speed up to the degree mentioned, you should change to a different state of matter, specifically, a gas.
      • If we don't assume that the watch and chamber have some sort of forcefield effect, the movie makes absolutely no sense at all.
    • Oh, it gets worse: Car chases in hypertime. Keep in mind that the cars are not themselves in hypertime.
      • Debatable since anyone/thing in contact at clocktime enters (and stays) in Hypertime so the hyper car at the end, Justified. Were the other cars entered and droven when already in Hypertime or they went Hypertime before jumping in.
      • HOWEVER - when they move their friend around making him dance, he does NOT enter hypertime.
      • They were already in Hypertime.
  • One pellet of cold stuff will freeze an entire human instantly. Right.
    • It doesn't have to freeze them, it just has to knock them out of hypertime, at which point they will "freeze" in time like everything else.
  • So being in hypertime causes a person to age, right? Whatever happened to the the-faster-you-go-the-slower-time-moves-for-you thing that's commonly known in relativity? In other words, wouldn't a person in hypertime think everyone else has aged in comparison?
    • The factor of relativistic time dilation is very small until you reach a considerable percentage of the speed of light. Even the satellites in which they are trying to detect it are traveling at a rate of kilometers per second, yet the effect is a difference of fractions of a second over long periods of time.
    • The above comment grossly misunderstands what's happening in the movie. Yes, the faster you go, the slower time moves for you. That's literally exactly what's happening in the movie. When you're sped up, everything around you is moving at extremely slow speeds. The reason you age "faster" is because, compared to you, everything else is going extremely slow while you age at a normal rate.
  • Ok, so during the DJ scene, they move Meeker back and forth pretty quickly, and yet, in normal time, he's moving at normal speed, instead of like a fast-forwarded tape. The speed difference doesn't translate.