Funny / Cate Blanchett

  • Cate's answers in this game of '5 Second Rule' with Ellen Degeneres are hilarious. "TOOTHPASTE, TAMPONS AND CONDOMS!"
  • Interviewer: "I want to ask you about the fact that you are the first Australian actor or actress to ever win two Oscars" Cate: "And don't you fucking forget it."
  • Her sense of humour in general is very dry, VERY Australian and slightly off the wall, providing endless fun in interviews and other press situations. It's a bit of a long running joke between her fans on Tumblr where someone will post a gifset of her saying or doing something slightly outrageous and caption it 'Two time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett'. A Cate fan on YouTube has even gone to the trouble of compiling together some of her most memorable moments: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5 . Part 6 . Part 7 . Part 8 . Part 9 . Part 10 . Part 11 . Part 12 . Part 13 . Part 14 . Part 15
  • Funniest. LipFlip. Ever.
  • She did a hilarious interview with Australia's The Project promoting Cinderella where both she and the interviewer decided to just mess about and have a completely non-serious back and forth about such relevant topics as what alcohol to give Cate to get her into bed (vodka) and how she got the cat in the movie to act on screen. Of course, the mainstream media got hold of it and showed an edited down version to try and make it seem like Cate was being serious and acting like a diva. The full interview proves that it's actually the opposite.
    "That's your question? That's your fucking question?"
  • It's pointed out several times in the Lord of the Rings special features that she was absolutely obsessed with her elf ears, having wanted a role with pointy ears since the start of her acting career. Eventually Weta even let her keep them, complete with a specially made velvet-lined box.