Funny: Card Sharks

Card Sharks, the game of survey questions and Acey-Deucey, certainly had some hilarous moments.
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    Jim Perry (1978-81) 

    Bob Eubanks (1986-89) 

    Bill Rafferty (1986-87, Nighttime) 
  • 1986-87: During a Young People's Week, a male contestant uncovered a prize card for Victorian dolls, which he went on to win.
    Rafferty: What every boy wants. Every boy knows his room is incomplete without Victorian dolls. I can remember when I was a youth, I used to come home from baseball practice, and go "I can't wait to put the petticoats on."

    Pat Bullard (2001) 
  • (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case...and any examples would likely be unintentional. And no, Bullard saying "You can change the base cards in the Money Cards 'cause I'm a nice guy." doesn't count, because it's not funny.)