Funny / Bust a Groove

Due to the game's silly nature, funny moments are inevitable
  • Any time a character gets squashed by a giant hamburger, cake, or pudding.
  • Toward the end of the song in Capoeira's stage in Bust a Groove 2(which is a spaceship), Earth comes into view. What's funny about that? It has a giant Welcome sign above it.
  • Lining up the Groove Bars in Bust a Groove 2 sometimes causes funny things to happen:
    • In Kitty-N's stage, if you line them up, the lights go out. If you manage to do this before the final solo, a "Please stand by" image appears.
    • In Kelly's stage, the chalk outline comes to life and dances.
    • This happens in the first game as well, although with no clear indicator of when it will. On Frida's stage, the weather near her beachside shack starts to get stormy, before finally blowing THE ENTIRE SHACK AWAY in the storm! The dancers are completely unphased by this.
  • Double Fever Time in the sequel, which are unlocked when both opponents have a Fever Time worthy score with less than 1000 points difference between the two. The two dancers engage in an incredibly campy dance routine together that finishes with the winning dancer doing a finishing pose and the loosing dancer kneeling in the background looking as if they want to strangle the winner.