Trivia / Bust a Groove

  • Bad Export for You: The English version of Bust a Groove 2 cut out every "Dancing Heroes" ending.
  • Follow the Leader: Hilariously (or pathetically) enough, Konami tried to cash in with their own Bust a Groove-like dance game called Dance! Dance! Dance!. It copied almost everything it could from Bust a Groove. From the announcer saying "Freeze!" to even the key sound for the cursor and buttons. There's also a Hiro-kun expy and a Kelly expy (George and Jennifer). Judging from the lackluster soundtrack and the fact that it's even more obscure than SNK's Cool Cool Toon and Tecmo's didn't quite work.
  • No Export for You: The aforementioned Bust a Move: Dance Summit 2001. Why it was never released overseas is anyone's guess.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Fans were none too pleased about the endings being cut in the American version of Bust a Groove 2. Some thought that because James Suneoka's (a show within a show host) name still appeared in the credits, that somehow, maybe the endings were unlockable. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.