Funny / Bringing Up Baby

  • "I just went GAY all of a sudden!"
  • Also worth mentioning: "Ohhh, you've torn your coat."
  • Susan imitating a speaking clock over the phone to annoy David as he talks to his fiance. A house guest arrives, checks his watch, and corrects her as she's doing it.
  • When David discovers the dinosaur bone is missing and immediately asks Susan what she did with it:
    Susan: What would I do with a bone?
    David: I wouldn't dare give a reason for anything you would do!
  • At the very end, when David finally collapses under the strain, Susan catches him and comments with mild interest: "David, you fainted."
  • While they're trying to get George (the dog) to dig up the dinosaur bone he's buried, the dog digs up a boot. A furious David raises the boot over his head:
    Susan: Oh, don't hit George!
    David: I wasn't going to hit George.
  • The confusion in the restaurant. Susan accidentally picks up the psychiatrist's wife's purse and has David watch it while she finds her own. The psychiatrist thinks that David is trying to steal it, resulting in Susan trying to explain the situation.
    David: It never will be clear, as long as she's explaining it.
  • Susan tries to apologise...and ends up ripping the back of his coat. He furiously orders her to go away...and accidentally rips the back of her dress off. His attempts to cover it with his hat just baffles Susan even further. Then she finally goes Oh, Crap! when she discovers it. And makes David walk right behind her to cover it up.
  • They go over to Mr Peabody's house and Susan decides to throw pebbles at the window to wake him up. There's no sound from inside, so she gets a rock, and hits Peabody right in the face as he opens the window.
    David: I want to run and yet somehow I can't move.
  • The two find Baby and George on the other side of a stream. Susan suggest they just wade across...only to find themselves up to their neck in what is quite clearly a river.
  • David and Susan running around the house calling out for George. David asks Susan to stop repeating what he says, as it sounds like an echo. So whenever David calls out for George, Susan says "nice, George" instead.