Trivia: Bringing Up Baby

  • Hey, It's That Dog!: George was played by the same dog who played Asta in the The Thin Man movies.
  • Playing Against Type: Cary Grant, known for playing cool and charming guys, plays a mild-mannered, dorky scientist.
    • Likewise, Katharine Hepburn, typically cast as a hyper-intelligent, on-the-ball, Defrosting Ice Queen sort, as the scatterbrained Susan.
  • Throw It In: "I just went GAY all of a sudden!"
  • What Might Have Been: Howard Hawks' 1964 comedy Man's Favorite Sport? is an intentional homage to Bringing Up Baby, and Hawks only cast Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss as the leads in the later film after trying unsuccessfully to coax Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn into reuniting for the project.