History Funny / BringingUpBaby

21st Apr '16 2:07:54 PM Geoduck
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Added DiffLines:

* "I just went ''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar GAY]]'' all of a sudden!"
* Also worth mentioning: "Ohhh, you've torn your coat."
* Susan imitating a speaking clock over the phone to annoy David as he talks to his fiance. A house guest arrives, checks his watch, and corrects her as she's doing it.
* When David discovers the dinosaur bone is missing and immediately asks Susan what she did with it:
-->'''Susan:''' What would I do with a bone?
-->'''David:''' I wouldn't dare give a reason for anything you would do!
* At the very end, when David finally collapses under the strain, Susan catches him and comments with mild interest: "David, you fainted."
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