Funny / Bomberman

  • Every time one of your opponents wedges themselves with a bomb, killing themselves. If it's you, on the other hand, then it's not funny.
  • The opening cutscene for Super Bomberman R has the classic white Bomberman be the Only Sane Man throughout the scene. While the narrator talks of the group training, instead...
    • Black decides he doesn't want to train, because he's perfect.
    • Blue sleeps.
    • Red beats up a training bag.
    • The ladies Pink and Aqua read a book together, followed by Pink asking Aqua about her hair clip.
    • Green, the youngest, plays with toys. He later decides that he wants to eat to get stronger, and almost gets the money from White before the latter does a Double Take.
    • Yellow draws, and later gets distracted by a butterfly.
  • After losing, Magnet Bomber goes at Red about how he hasn't lost, and Red wants to keep fighting. Aqua tries to intervene, only for Magnet to punch her. She punches back. A LOT harder.
    Red Bomber & Magnet Bomber: I'M SORRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (ding)
    Pink: (sigh) That's what they get for making Aqua mad...
    Black: Oh... Aqua's scarier than anyone when she's angry...
    Aqua: Hmph!
  • Phantom Bomber's last trap involves trapping the Bomberman Bros. in cyberspace while it crashes. White can't get the password right, and Blue is Blue. What ends this in the heroes' favor? Green tells Blue that White "ordered" luxurious pillows and earplugs for him, at which point he gets off his can and fixes the mess. Phantom's reaction is priceless.