Funny / Bleach: Happy to Serve You

Chapter 1

  • Yachiru declaring that Urahara's change of address is irrelevant to the Women's Society's promise to work for him to pay off their (Really just her) loan. What's funny is Nanao absolutely sparkling with admiration for the President's commitment... while said President is still inflated from gorging herself on candy.
  • Rukia being lifted up so she's eye-level with Urahara while shouting at him.
  • Everything about Tatsuki's Imagine Spot of her saving Ichigo from a thug.
  • In the omake, Momo arriving to find Yachiru in her new gigai. Yachiru promptly rubs her new developments in her face. Yoruichi soon decides the poor girl's had enough punishment.

Chapter 2

  • How easily Tatsuki falls for Rukia's explanation that Chappy is her twin sister.
  • Tatsuki's reaction to busting into Urahara's office after hearing noises inside, only to discover Nemu...with her stomach open, and Urahara trying to fit a sandwich into the newly installed oven.
    • Urahara's explanation to Tatsuki for Nemu having an oven in her body: "We take cosplay serious here."
  • Senna's Unexplained Recovery reappearance, which is quickly dismissed by both her and Orihime looking at the viewer while nodding seriously, after Senna simply says "I got better".
  • Nel declaring Rukia her Rival...
    Rukia: Uuuh yeah have fun with that.
    Nel: *Bounces away, a caption reading Goes to have fun with that*
  • Everything about the Valentines Day omake. Orihime, Matsumoto, chocolate, nosebleeds, need I say more?

Chapter 3

  • Kensei struggling with a kicking and whining, hungry Mashiro, only for his own stomach to growl too...for which she immediately calls him 'Unladylike'.
  • Kenpachi scaring the color right out of Nanao.
  • Ikkaku getting a Nosebleed at Yachiru's new gigai...before she talks and he remembers exactly who she is.
    Ikkaku: What the hell happened to you!?
    Yachiru: You better not be thinking about anything pervy, Baldy!
    Ikkaku: Nope she is still a bitch.
  • Urahara's perfectly calm reaction to Kenpachi breaking down his lab door.
    Urahara: It wasn't locked.
  • Everything post-Destructo-Nookie.
  • Nel and Hiyori getting into a Tsundere Loop
  • Mashiro and Chappy getting introduced is equal parts adorable and hilarious.
  • The following Leaning on the Fourth Wall conversation.
    Urahara: Where is! Yyyyyyumichika?
    Ikkaku: He is still in the closet.
    Urahara: He should be changed by now.
    Ikkaku: Oh he changed hours ago.
  • In the omake, Urahara finding Yoruichi napping in a claw machine. Then he tries to grab her, she transforms...and the claw is grabbing her breast. Urahara and Soifon both approved. A lot.

Chapter 4

  • Keigo digs his own grave when he asks Chad where Nel is from because it sounds Mexican.
  • Tatsuki is understandably concerned by Nel's favorite food being souls. Orihime "assures" her that Nel meant soles (the fish).
  • A sudden Wham Line from the TV reveals a rival restaurant opening up across the street... Taco Aizen. Urahara has two reactions: "How did he (Aizen) get out of his bondage gimp suit?" and "You'd think we would have noticed that sooner."

Chapter 5

  • Aizen is being haunted by the ghost of Gin. Gin was already a ghost when Aizen killed him, and now he's acting like a classic ghost that only Aizen can see.

Chapter 6

  • Ichigo trying to stop Rukia and Nel's arguing, only to realize he is accidentally touching their two chests. Rukia is uncomfortable. Nel is delighted.
  • Young Yamamoto is flamboyant and charismatic. His fights aren't always effective so long as they "look good". When Samhain burns his hair off, Yamamoto spends a few seconds in a breakdown as he laments how he'll no longer be able to pick up women with his "beautiful, beautiful hair"!

Chapter 7

  • Ukitake's gigai is filled with ketchup instead of blood. Urahara was going to use some kind of lubrication fluid, but accidentally spilled ketchup into it when he was making it.
  • The Stinger shows Mayuri discovering that the poisons he left in Nemu's compartment have been replaced with Urahara's sandwiches. When he complains about having no poison to work with, she responds with "If you leave that sandwich in the sun, the mayo could go bad and cause botulism." Judging by the sign she has to hold up in front of traffic, Mayuri wasn't impressed.

Chapter 8

  • When Nel collapses from soul deficiency, Harribel brings a tied up victim to feed to her.
    Ichigo: TATSUKI!
  • Shinji hits on Harribel, Sung-Sun, and Mila Rose, referring to each as his first love. It ends with him being squeezed by an angry Sung-Sun's snake tail.

Chapter 9

  • Omaeda asks for a server to sit with him. Soifon has Yumichika do it. Her evil grin and Omaeda's black rage cloud sell the moment.
  • Renji his on Rukia... by which we mean Chappy in Rukia's gigai. It gets him slapped by the real Rukia.
    • Senna and Chappy use Nemu to bake a pie to give to Renji. Nemu treats the pie as though it were her baby, so Isane stops Senna from telling her that people are supposed to eat it.
      • Renji gets no breaks here. Reeling from being slapped by Rukia for hitting on Chappy, he takes out his... "frustrations" on the pie. Rukia comes back to apologize but finds this scene instead, so Renji gets punched this time. Then Urahara throws the pie in his face for defiling it, and then Nemu comes to ask of the whereabouts of her "child".
      (Nemu attacks Renji with drill hands)
  • The Shout-Out to the infamous Tsukihime doujinshi "That's Why I Assault Ren" by Hiroyuki.

Chapter 10

  • Ulquiorra responds to Grimmjow's observation of Aizen with "Would you like to make that into a meal?" Grimmjow has to explain that he should only say that to customers. Grimmjow, of all people, teaching someone about customer service.

Chapter 11

  • With the restaurant shut down by Health Inspector Yamamoto, Yachiru decides to punish the rest of the Shinigami Women's Association. Nemu is sentenced to pies. By which we mean, eating one of the pies baked in her oven compartment (keep in mind that Nemu considers those pies to be her children). What follows is a hilarious/horrifying Shout-Out to Evangelion as Nemu savagely eats the pie.
  • Kintama says the following when Tatsuki questions why the river beneath them is filled with wine instead of water: "Why would it?? You realize fish FUCK in it, right??"