Funny / Beethoven

The first film:

  • During the montage, George comes home to find it a mess, the stair railing covered in drool, and finding Beethoven all wet in his bed, and shakes himself dry, getting George all wet.
  • Ted standing up to a gang of bullies who are haggling him right in front of his house, unaware that Beethoven is standing nearby and baring his teeth for them all to see. The bullies give Ted his glasses back and immediately back off; that night, and Beethoven bails back home. That night, Ted is mugging for the the mirror while shirtless, showing off his muscles.
  • Beethoven being taken in for a routine checkup when the vet's assistant walks in to give him his shots. Beethoven sees the syringe and faints on the examining table!
  • Beethoven crashing George's dinner meeting with Brad and Brie, dragging them both by the leash while they're still in their chairs, taking the deck table with them!
  • In one scene, the kids are playing video games and if you look carefully, Ted is playing with the Power Glove, a Nintendo controller that was notoriously difficult to use and a major flop on release.