Funny / Beasts of Burden

  • In "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", the dogs decide to throw the witch cat to the zombie dogs she accidentally raised.
    Rex: Here you go, Ace! Hope she lands on her head.
    (Gate opens, zombie dogs are right outside)
    Ace: Close the gate, Rex... close the gate, Rex...
  • How Pugsley reacts to frogs raining from the sky in "The Gathering Storm".
    Pugsley: Oh crap. Looks like stupid's back in season...
  • While most of the issue is straight-up Nightmare Fuel or Tear Jerker, the gang interviewing for potential leads in the beginning of "Lost" is pretty darn funny.
    Bull Terrier: Yeah, so like, there's this cat that keeps me up all night, yowlin' all this crazy crap at the moon. I figure it's a witch, and, like, you should kill it.
    Sheepdog: This morning the food in my bowl formed an exact profile of the Great Dog himself, clear as day. I can't show it to you, because I ate it. But it's still a miracle, right?
    Pomeranian #1: My niece's friend says there's a tree in the deep woods that moves when there's no wind. And birds die if they perch on it.
    Pomeranian #2: I heard it drinks blood.
    Pomeranian #1: Well, now, that's just ridiculous.
    Chihuahua: Creatures posing as humans abducted me and put a little chip in the back of my neck. They use it to spy on me and make me do things like chase cars and bite people...and eat my own poop.
  • In the Hellboy crossover comic, when the gang meets Hellboy for the first time:
    Pugs: AAAH! IT'S THE DEVIL! An' he's got a gun!