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11th Nov '15 9:05:41 PM mannowdog
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*In the ''Hellboy'' crossover comic, when the gang meets Hellboy for the first time:
-->'''Pugs''': ''AAAH! IT'S THE DEVIL!'' An' he's got a ''gun''!
**Which might be also be a ShoutOut to [[http://www.enemyofpeanuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/hb-monkey-gun.jpg this exchange]], which is one of Hellboy's better known memes.
1st Feb '15 11:00:45 PM JadeEyes1
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* While most of the issue is straight-up NightmareFuel or TearJerker, the gang interviewing for potential leads in the beginning of "Lost" is pretty darn funny.
-->'''Bull Terrier''': Yeah, so like, there's this cat that keeps me up all night, yowlin' all this crazy crap at the moon. I figure it's a witch, and, like, you should kill it.
-->'''Sheepdog''': This morning the food in my bowl formed an ''exact'' profile of the Great Dog himself, clear as day. I can't show it to you, because I ate it. But it's still a miracle, ''right?''
-->'''Pomeranian #1''': My niece's friend says there's a tree in the deep woods that ''moves'' when there's no wind. And birds die if they perch on it.
-->'''Pomeranian #2''': I heard it drinks blood.
-->'''Pomeranian #1''': Well, now, ''that's'' just ridiculous.
-->'''Chihuahua''': Creatures posing as humans abducted me and put a little ''chip'' in the back of my neck. They use it to spy on me and make me do things like chase cars and bite people...and eat my own poop.
4th Jul '12 3:07:20 PM DoctorSerenitySquid
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* How Pugs reacts to frogs raining from the sky.
-->'''Pugs''': Oh ''crap''. Looks like stupid's back in season...
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